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The PROXSLOT RFID reader by PROMAG is a half-card insertions reader optionally for 12,5kHz RFID or 13,56MHz transponder cards with Mifare Standard (1K or 4K cards). The cards will be read only when they are inserted, not when they will be routed past the reader.
The reader will be connected and supplied via USB. As standard the ID output take place once of an insertion but controlled by software there is also the possibility for multiple ID-outputs.
An inserted card will be recognized by the "card-present" - contact and can be queried via software.
The two "card-present" contacts recognize if a card is inserted and can be controlled by software.

The PROXSLOT is predestined for gambling machines as well as for other casino applications but also applicable for authentification and acess control.
  • 12,6kHz RFID or Mifare
  • Configurable ID-output (one-time or on request)
  • Read operation only with completely inserted card. No random read
  • Controllable "Card-Present" – switch
  • ID Code verification of a RFID card
  • Powersupply via USB interface
  • Space-saving low profile design
  • PROMAG is a registered trademark of GIGA-TMS Inc.

Interface USB 2.0 (generates a virtual COM Port)
automatic locking Molex connector
USB 3.0 compatible
Baud Rate 8600, no Party, 8 bit Data, 1 Stop bit
Frequenz 125kHz (RFID version) or
13,56MHz (Mifare version)
Driver Virtual COM Port driver for Linux and MS Windows
Types of cards 125kHz EM respectively
13,56MHz Mifare ISO 14443A
Reading mode Read only (clearly defined serial number and ID)
Dimension 60mm x 67mm x 22mm
Display LED and buzzer (reading status)
Voltage 5V / 200mA via USB interface
Temperature range -10°C up to 55°C
Order infomation PS300AU-00
PROXSLOT 125kHz RFID Half-Card
PROXSLOT 13,56MHz Mifare Half-Card

(Technical details are subject to change without prior notice)