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The POSLogon PCR 300 RFID reader by PROMAG with card slot is specially designed for applications like access control, POS login and authentication. Then application can be activated by plugin the card and can be locked by removing the card.
The reader is a real plug and play device an can easily be integrated in a variety of environments thanks to the USB or RS232 interface.
The ID data can be recorded either automatically or by pushing a button and are available at the interface. A preconfiguration of the output format (PREFIX, POSTFIX, hexadecimal, decimal) can be factory-fitted.
For individual programming the PCR 300 can be controlled by documented ASCII commands.
  • Cradle Slot Design
  • Compact, elegant housing
  • Plug&Play
  • RS232 and USB interface
  • No driver software required
  • 125KHz (PCR 300A) or 13,56MHz (PCR 300M)
  • PROMAG Total Quality Management
  • PROMAG is a registered trademark of the GIGA-TMS Inc.

Interface USB oder RS232
Reading range up to 7 cm with ISO Card without external antenna
up to 30cm with external antenna
Frequency 125KHz, ASK or 13,56MHz
Baud Rate 960, No Parity, 8 Data Bits, 1 Stop Bit
Transponder Read/Write
Housing Cradle Slot housing white, desktop or wall mounting
Dimensions 65mm x 100mm x 23mm
Dimensions Proximity Card max. 86mm x 55mm x 2mm
Voltage 5VDC, 200mA
Temperature range 0°C up to 55°C
Order information PCR300U: USB, 125KHz
PCR300R: RS232, 125KHz
PCR300MU: USB, 13,56MHz
PCR300MR: RS232, 13,56MHz

(Technical details are subject to change without prior notice)