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The MF700 RFID reader by PROMAG is a high performance proximity reader for recording of customer specific data on Mifare Standard transponder (1K or 4K tags) with a reading range up to 50mm. Beside the ID, all data which are stored on the different sectors of the transponder card will be read.
The small housing and the variable voltage (7.5 up to 24VDC) helps by the integration in various types of environments. The 3-in-1 inteface with open cable end supports RS232, Wiegand and MagStripe.
The MF700 is universally applicable for example at access control and human idendification, security or health care.
The MF7 version is a reader for pure ID recording with limited functions.
The additionally provided Developer Kit contains additional cable, power supply, 3 transponder and the PROMAG PCR300M for programming the tags
  • Compact weatherproofed housing
  • Also installable on metal surfaces
  • Mifare UltraLight and MF1 Standard
  • Multi Sector Support
  • 3-in-1 Interface
  • Variable voltage range
  • PROMAG Total Quality Management
  • PROMAG is a registered trademark of the GIGA-TMS Inc.

Interface Wiegand (26 – 128 Bits), MSR ABA Track 2, RS232 or customization
Reading range up to 5 cm
Frequenz 13,56MHz
Card types Mifare MF1 for 1024/4096 Bytes
Migfare UltraLight with 412 Bit EEPROM, ISO 14443A
Card format MAD1/MAD2
Transponder Read only
Housing ABS, weather proofed, desktop or wall mounting
Wooden housing optional
Dimensions 83mm x 47mm x 16mm
Signals internal LED and Buzzer (configurable)
Voltage 7,5 up to 24VDC, regulated, linear respectively
5 up to 18VDC, regulated, linear by 150mA (MF7)
(Voltage regulator recommended)
Temperature range 0°C up to 60°C respectively
-10°C up to 60°C (MF7)
Order information MF700
MF7 (only ID)
MF700SK (Developer kit with cable, power supply, 3 transponder and PCR300M)

(Technical details are subject to change without prior notice)