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The AET62 combines the technique of the ACR122U NFC reader with a fingerprint sensor.
The AET62 is simple installable and can be integrated in every network also without special know how of biometrical technology. Thanks to the ergonomic design and the intuitively operating the reader becomes high acceptance by the users. the highly successful fingerprint sensor with a smart card reader to achieve ultra-secure authentication. The high level of safety based on a 3-factor authentication:
1. The system requires users something they own - Smartcard
2. The system requires users something they know - Password
3. The system requires users somthing which is part of them - Fingerprint
The AET65 is a efficiently, reasonable highly integrated system including a complete biometrical subsystem. The complete biometrical authenticationis take place in the reader - not in the PC. The reference fingerprints will be encrypted and stored on a Smart Card which makes the AET65 not only a safe but also a flexible solution.
The installation of the AET65 is simple the operating intuitively.

Typical applications

  • Secured Home Banking and Home Shopping
  • Secured electronic comerce
  • Computer system logon
  • Public Key Infrastucture


  • Fingerprint Scanner and 13,56MHz RFID/NFC Smart Card Reader
  • Full Speed USB PC Interface
  • Encrypted fingerprint templates on Smart Card
  • PC/SC and CCID conform
  • Write-/ read rate up to 424kb
  • Integrated antenna for contactless tags with up to 30mm reading distance
  • Supports ISO 14443 Typ A and B, Mifare, FeliCa and all NFC tags
  • Supports MiFare Ultralight C, PLus SL1 (4Byte UID), Plus SL3 and DESFire EV1
  • Supports all 3 NFC Modi: Reader, card emulation und Peer-to-Peer
  • Integrated Anti-collision-feature
  • UPEK TCS4-TCD50 swipe fingerprint sensor
  • Integrated algorithms for comparison of templates
  • Comparison of templates completely takes place in the reader
  • CMOS Active Capacitive Pixel Sensing Technology
  • 9,6mm x 0,2mm großer aktiver Sensor
  • 508 DPI Auflösung
  • Array size 192 x 4 Pixel
  • Swipe of finger up to 40 cm/s
  • Supports BioAPI 1.1 and Windows Biometric Firmware
  • Supports ISO 7816 Class A (5V) and Class AB (3V/5V) cards
Interface Full Speed USB
Supply Voltage 5V DC (regulated)
Supply Current < 100mA
Operating Temp.. 0-50°C
Smart Card Interface:
CLK Frequency 4MHz
Contact durability min. 100000
Speed read/write 106kb/s, 212kb/s, 424kb/s
Standards ISO 14443 Type A and B, MiFare, FeliCa, 4 NFC Tag Typen (ISO/IEC 18092), MiFare Ultralight C, PLus SL1 (4Byte UID), Plus SL3, DESFire EV1
Fingerprint Scanner Interface:
Sensor 9,6mm x 0,2mm kapazitiv
12,4mm Image width
50 micron Pixel Pitch
Array 192 x 4 Pixel
Resolution 508 DPI
ESD tolerance +/- 15kV air discharge
Standards PC/SC, BioAPI 1.1, Windows Biometric Framework, CE, FCC,
RoHS, USB Full Speed
Microsoft WHQL: XP, Vista, 7
Security DES and AES encryption Support
Hardware protection
Anti Spoofing
RSA SecurID Support
Operating Systems Win 2003, Win XP, Win Vista, Win 2008, Win 7 Win 2003 x64, Win XP x64, Win Vista x64, Win 2008 x64, Win 2008 R2 x64, Win 7 x64 Linux (on request)
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RFID Card and Fingerprint Reader AET62

(Technical details are subject to change without prior notice)