Our Products
SMART Modular Technologies

Smart Modular is a leading supplier of electronic subsystems to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) with a worldwide presence.

These subsystem products includes memory modules, Flash memory modules, cards and drives as well as embedded computing subsystems.

The success of Smart Modular is derived from a customer-focused approach characterized by a commitment to quality, advanced technical expertise, fast time-to-market, build-to-order flexibility and high quality customer service.

Smart Modular products are characterized by an excellent design, carefull manufacturing, extensive testing and short circle of developement. They are appropriate to sophisticated and security sensitive applications also in a harsh environmental.

In conjunction with Adtron, a subsidiary company, which has also a long-time experience with Flash memory drives, Smart Modular developed in their design center in Arizona Solid State Drives for ambitious applications like industrial automation, enterprise computing, aviation business and transportation or medical technology.

Please visit SMART at:www.smartmodular.com