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MagTek The technology behind the transaction
" The Technology behind the Transaction" that exactly gives evidence of the demand of the company which was founded in 1972 in Carson, California. Since more than three decades MagTek is known as the leading vendor of Magnetic Cards solutions and set pattern and industrial standards for the total card business. MagTek have developed the first motorized Magnetic Card Reader/Writer, as well as Magnetic Card Swipe Reader. MagTek is consultant of credit card companies as well as a member of the ISO standardisation board.

The extension and further development of magnetic- and chipcard reader, check reader and test equipment is an ongoing process at MagTek. "Magneprint" is a typical example for the technical leadership from MagTek in field of card security. "Magneprint" was awarded by Mastercard (Asia-Pacific-Division) as the technology product of the year 2002.
Where and whenever you are looking for a leading company in the business of card technology, you can bank on MagTek. MagTek have the experience, the engagement, the solution, the vision to build a solid future for the card industry sector.

If you are interested on further information about MagTek, please click on www.magtek.com