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DELKIN - a strong partner
Delkin Devices, Inc.’s Industrial Division has grown into one of the nation’s top manufacturers of embedded flash memory boards, with international distribution, since its incorporation in 1986. Our success results from our commitment to deliver custom industrial products designed and manufactured in processes we control in order to meet our customer’s specifications. Delkin’s flexible structure allows for customizing and development of new technology to meet our customer’s needs.

With over 20 years of expertise in embedded systems markets, Delkin delivers breakthrough technology and performance. Today Delkin is a trusted partner with tier one manufacturers worldwide, and Delkin memory cards are the industry standard in digital media storage for OEM and industrial applications. Delkin storage solutions are widely used in measurement instruments, medical and aviation devices, office equipment, and military applications.
Delkin designs and manufactures the customized memory solutions it markets. This provides our engineers the experience and insight to completely think the process through and create seamless solutions for our customers. From these insights, we can apply our strengths to complicated problems and solve them with innovative approaches and custom designs. We focus our attention on current industry needs and produce storage solutions within weeks.

For more information about Delkin please go to www.delkin.com/oem/about/index.html