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SPI swipe reader with encrypting IntelliHEAD

This OEM swipe reader with SPI interface is using the encrypting IntelliHEAD.
The MagTek encrypting IntelliHEAD is a high integrated low profile magnetic head which assures safe card transactions according PCI (Payment Card Industry) specifications and lend itself for the POS business. In the encrypting IntelliHEAD are integrated a 3-track F2F decoder ASIC and a µProcessor. The complete electronic is safe shielded in the head. Using a TDEA algorithm (3-DES) the information will be encrypted before been transmitted. Therefore for each device an unique key will be used.
The integrated multi-channel decoder assures a powerfull and safe decoding of all ISO compliant cards. Even considerable damages of the card or significant deviations of the amplitudes are no problem. Card speeds from 7cm/s up to 152cm/s will be accepted.
No additional peripheral devices are needed with the encrypting IntelliHEAD. This reduces costs and noice disturbanes. All analog signals are converted within the shielded housing.
The encrypting IntelliHEAD is available with different rails (length of 43, 60 and 90mm).
SPI swipe reader with encrypting IntelliHEAD
  • Ultra-compact design
  • Bidirectional reading
  • Reads 1 up to 3 tracks according ANSI/ISO/AAMVA/JIS standards
  • Complete elektronic is safe shielded in the head
  • Includes device serial number
  • All data transmitted from the decoder are TDEA encrypted
  • Unique DES key with double length per device
  • SPI Bus compatible 2 to 5 wire serial interface
  • Max. SPI bus transfer rate 100kb/s
  • Enhanced ESD protection
  • Very low interference liability
  • Pretty good reading characteristics
  • Low current consumption, low operating voltage

Voltage 2,7 up to 3,6 Vdc
Current 10mA
Curren (sleeping) 75µA
Speed range 3 up to 60 ips ( 7,62 up to 152,4 cm/s)
Temperature (operating) -40°C up to +70°C

Order information
Description Part number
SPI OEM swipe reader Track 1,2,3 with cable and connector, 43mm Rail 21044012
Track 1,2,3 with cable and connector, 90mm Standard Rail 21045093
Track 1,2,3 with cable and connector, 60mm Slim Profile Rail 21046008
  Track 1,2,3 with cable and connector, 90mm Slim Profile Rail 21047023

(Technical details are subject to change without prior notice)