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Insert Reader MT-215 USB
  • USB-Interface
  • Compatible to USB HID V.1.1
  • Dual head design minimizes incorrect card insertion
  • Power supplied by USB interface
  • Up to 500,000 insertions
  • Buffered or unbuffered modes of operation
  • Programmable communication configuration
  • Card Reading direction programmable
  • Windows driver available
  • Isolated electronic
  • Open-chassis-design avoid blockade of the card slot by coins or other objects
Dimensions W (bezel): 101,6mm; H (bezel): 76,2mm; T :116,33mm
Voltage by USB Port
Speed range 8cm up to 127cm
Temperature 0°C up to 65°C
Humidity 10% up to 90% - non condensing
Altitude (operating) 0-3000 m

Order information
Description Part number
Dual Head, Track 1,2; flat bezel; stripe up or down 21065099
Dual Head, Track 1,2,3; flat bezel; stripe up & down 21065140

(Technical details are subject to change without prior notice)