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The IntelliStripe 50 Smart Card connector is a low cost, vandalism resistant reader only for Smart Cards. Designed for self service systems there is no onboard-intelligence.
The placement and attributes of the Smart Card contacts meet ISO 7816 and EMV level I specifications.

There are three mounting options available:
  • no flange
  • flange small
  • flange wide
IntelliStripe 50 (Smart Card connector)
  • Smart Card contacts permit reliability of one million cycles
  • Compatible with most Half Card readers
  • Three mounting options available
  • Resistant against vandalism
  • Special materials ensure long life cycles
  • ISO 7816 8-Contact Smart Card connector with flexible cable
  • Spring loaded side arm secures card's position inside reader
  • Guides bowed or warped cards properly to Smart Card contact
  • 10-pin I/O connector at backside

Order infomation
Description Part number
IntelliStripe 50, flange small, with front gate 21160104
IntelliStripe 50, flange small, without front gate 21160105
IntelliStripe 50, no flange, with front gate 21160106
IntelliStripe 50, flange wide, with front gate 21160107
IntelliStripe 50, no flange, without front gate 21160108
IntelliStripe 50, flange wide, without front gate 21160109

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