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Insert Reader Half Card
  • To be used with paddles and gambling machines
  • RS-232 Interface
  • No power pack required, power from PC port
  • Card present Opto-sensor - detects if card is fully inserted in reader
  • Open chassis design - superior debris clearing capability
  • Board with separation distance
  • Magstripe reading during card insertion and removal
  • Dual-color LED - red/green colors provide visual cues to cardholder
  • MS Windows driver available
Dimensions L: 98mm . W: 101,6mm . H: 25,4mm
Voltage +5VDC up to + 15VDC
Current: 12mA max., 11mA typical
Card speed range 7,6 cm up to 127 cm
Temperature (operating) 0°C up to 50°C

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Track 1,2
Single Head - Stripe down

(Technical details are subject to change without prior notice)