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The well proven ATA Flash Cards are still a well known storage media for industrial applications. The PC Card ATA Standard combines the AT Harddisk Standard and the PCMCIA Standard into a technology intependent Interface. It makes the AT harddisk standard together with the PCMCIA standard to a technology-independent interface. Typical applications are aviation, security- and medical technology, agricultural machinery or construction- and railed vehicles.
We offers PC Cards of our partner Delkin Devices
ATA Flash Card
  • PC Card ATA standard
  • Useable in all PCMCIA Typ I- and II-Slots
  • Reliability, icrease in data integrity
  • High data transfer rate
  • Automatic failure management
  • Capacity up to 4GB
  • No moving parts
  • Non-volatile memory
  • Low power consumption
  • Autosensing 3,3V or 5V
  • Extended temperature range
  • Extremely shock - and vibration resistant
Interface PC Card ATA and IDE
Data transfer rate up to 16MB/s (Burst)
up to 10MB/s (Sustained Read)
up to 9MB/s (Sustained Write)
Capacities 128, 256, 512MB, 1, 2 4GB
Temperature range (opeerating) -40°C-85°C (Industrial Temp)
Flash Technology Single Level Cell (SLC)
Operating modes Memory Modus
I/O Modus
True IDE Modus
Configuration Fixed Drive (Standard) or Removable
Flash Management Static and dynamic Wear Leveling
High Reliablity ECC
Voltage 3V/5V dynamisch
Power consumption Operating: <100mA(3,3V)/<120mA(5V)
Standby:<1,5mA (3,3V)/<0,7mA(5V)
Dimensions 85,6 x 54 x 3,3mm
Weight 12g
Durability (TBW) 7,3TB (128MB) up to 234TB (4GB)
MTBF >2 Mio. hours
Data integrity 10 years
Warranty 7 years

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