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The ATP Velocity MV is being based on a 3D NAND MLC Industrial Grade SATA III Flash Drive with 2,5 " format, which is aimed at price sensitive applications with high demands in performance and reliability. The streaming- as well as the random-performance of the Velocity MV convince with outstanding values. A mature Flash-Management Technology with manufacturer-specific features like PowerProtect and AutoRefresh complete the picture of a fast and reliable storage device for industrial applications.
Prefered usage areas are POS, IPC, database- and industrial application particular in a rough environment.
The Velocity MV is available with capacities starting at 128GB up to 1TB.
  • 128, 256, 384, 512, 768GB and 1TB MLC 3D NAND Flash memory
  • No moving parts
  • Up to 540MB/s data transfer*
  • Up to 100000 IOPS*
  • Standard SATA III 6.0G Interface
  • Standard Harddisk format
  • ECC Defect Management
  • Wear Leveling
  • PowerProtector
  • NCQ/TRIM Support
  • AutoRefresh
  • S.M.A.R.T. functions
  • ATP SMART tool
  • Secure Erase
  • Write protection
  • Shock and vibration resistant
  • Conformal Coating (Parylene) optional
  • No additional driver software required
Form Factor/Dimension 2,5"
Width: 69,85cm
Depth: 100mm
Hight: 9,2mm
Solid State MLC NAND Flash (Industrial standard)
no moving parts
Interface Serial ATA III (SATA II, 3Gb/s)
Mounting Harddisk industrial standard, all orientation
Connector Standard 7-pin Signal Segment and 15-pin Power Segment
Transfer Modes SATA I, SATA II, SATA III support
Data transferrate up to 540MB/s sustained Read*
and 415MB/s sustained Write*
up to 70000 IOPS Random Read (4KB)*
up to 100000 IOPS Random Write (4KB)*
Software No driver software required
Sectores Standard 512 Byte sectors
Flash Management ECC,
Global Wear Leveling,
Bad Block Management
S.M.A.R.T. functions
Write protection can be activated/deactivated
Secure Erase
Power Protector
Data integrity PowerProtect
Secure Erase
Power concumtion max. 6,5 W (write)
Capacity 128, 256, 384, 512 768GB, 1TB
Temperature range (operating) 0°C up to +70°C (Standard Temperature range)
Product life
TBW (Total Bytes Written)
19TB (64GB) up to 38TB (128GB) written Data (Random)
38TB (64GB) up to 76TB (128GB) written Data (Sequential)
MTBF >1 000 000 hours (Telcordia SR-332)
Warranty 2 years

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