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APdate SCSI Flash Storage Drive
The APdate! SCSI Solid State Disk is an individual configurable Flash Device with Narrow SCSI 50-pin, Wide SCSI 80-pin or Wide SCSI 68-pin Interface, designed for industrial or manufacturing environmental.
The 3,5" SSD format is also available with smaller capacities (starting at 1GB) and specially suitable as a replacement for smaller SCSI hard disks of older systems.
APdate SCSI Flash Storage Drive
  • LVD SCSI or Ultra SCSI-2
  • 80-pin SCA2, 68-pin or 50-pin SCSI 2 Connector
  • Seamlessly hard disk replacement
  • Bootable, no driver necessary
  • SDSI ID adjustable by jumper
  • onChip RISC µController
  • 1 up to 256GB NAND Flash
  • SLC or MLC Flash
  • RAID compatible
  • System intependent
  • Shock and vibration resistant
Form Factor/Dimensions 3,5"
101 x 146 x 25 mm
Solid State no moving parts
Flash Technology SLC or MLC NAND Flash
Connector 50-pin Narrow SCSI 68-pin Wide SCSI 80-pin SCA2
Data transfer rate up to 20MB/s up to 320MB/s up to 320MB/s
SCSI ID 0 – 7 with jumper 0 – 15 with jumper 0 – 15 with jumper
Software No software driver are required
Sectors Standard 512 Byte sectors
Flash Management EDC and ECC Defect Management
Static Wear Leveling,
Bad Block Management
S.M.A.R.T (optional)
Power requirements 5VDC +/- 5%
Power consumtion max. 2,5 W
Temperature range (operating) 0°C up to 70°C
-40°C up to 80°C
0°C up to 70°C 0°C up to 70°C
Shock 1500 G, 0,7ms, 3 axle
Vibration 7Hz up to 2KKz, 20G, 3 axle
Capacity 1GB up to 128GB SLC Flash
8GB up to 256GB MLC Flash
Write-erase cicles > 2Mio (only SLC Flash)
Data preservation at 25°C 10 Jahre (only SLC Flash)
Warranty 1 year

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