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Aetina Industrial Grade graphics modules

Mobile PCI ExpressTM

Aetina MXM graphics modules are compact extremely thin and equipped with the state-of-the-art GPU technology and therefore the ideal solution for embedded systems. The superior graphics processors performance and the support of many graphics and video operations make the Atina MXM modules predestined for applictions which requires high performance like Digital Signage or graphics applications in medicine or aviation industry. Some of the Aetina MXM modules are also availlable with an extended temperature range.
Like all Aetina products the Graphics modules has a long-term availability which saves elaborate approval procedures and re-designs.
Hardware development-kits for all Aetina MXM modules are availlable.

  • MXM Typ A or Typ B standard format
  • High performance graphics processors
    by NVIDIA
  • CUDA Processing
  • Shader Processing
  • Convincing 3D graphics performance
  • Multi Display Support
  • Industrial standard polymer capacitors
  • Low space requirement
  • Low power consumption
  • Conformal Coating optional
  • Long-term availability
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M3T5000-WNM3T5000-WN M3N1080-NNM3T3000-QN M3N1080-NNM3P1000-LN M3N1080-NNM3P1000-LN
M3N1080-NNM3P2000-LN M3N1080-NNM3N1050-LN M3N1050TI-LNM3N1050TI-LN M3N1060-MNM3N1060-MN
M3N1070-NNM3N1070-NN M3N1080-NNM3N1080-NN